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eric-jon: Have you been able to nab Chrome yet? Last I looked, it still wasn’t up…
Don’t immediately see the need, but I’ve not read the comic.
Up to now, Firefox has basically been The Google Browser.
And, you know. It does everything I want from a browser.
The error messages are fun.
“Sadly, your Mozilla Firefox settings are not available while that browser is running. To import these settings to Google Chrome, save your work and close all Firefox windows. Then click continue.”
So are the immediate help pop-ups. “Search from right here.”
And you’re immediately asked if you want to keep Google as the search engine.
Shepard: “No, I just want your browser, I don’t use your search”
eric-jon: I have actually wondered why the search bar and address bar are different.
Shepard: Poor unborn kids, they’ll be gchatting about their gmail on their gchrome and someone will point out that google can search, too.
I think on recent Firefoxes, if you type in a regular phrase into the address bar, Firefox will make that a google search.
I think the general logic is:
1) Is it a webpage?
2) Can I make it a webpage by appending www. or .com?
3) Google Search.
These days.
eric-jon: Ah.
Whoa, it even imported my bookmark bar from Firefox.
I was just about to go fish for some urls, yet… there they are, where I’m used to them being.
Middle-click scrolling doesn’t work yet.
Shepard: This comic is well put-together and insightful, but it’s kind of pissing me off.
eric-jon: Yeah, that’s Scott McCloud.
Shepard: And I own both of Scott McCloud’s books.
I think it’s just so one-note.
eric-jon: I hate his stuff, sometimes.
I like his first book.
The Understanding Comics.
Shepard: Yeah.
eric-jon: But he quickly becomes a bore.
Shepard: He’s written some brilliant stuff.
eric-jon: I hate his authorial voice.
Eek. It even imported my password settings and stuff from firefox.
I mean, I just clicked in the field, and my username was there. And, uh, okay. Clicked in the other field, and it was filled with asterisks.
I hit enter, and I was logged in.
Shepard: No need to re-enter your password for www.girlswithboobsyoucansee.com!
eric-jon: I never do.
Shepard: Free preview galleries?
eric-jon: That’s not a real website. :(

Try searching on Google:
girls boobs you can see

The “most visited” business on a new tab is interesting, certainly.
Shepard: What’s that?
eric-jon: Oh.
Every time you open a new tab?
The default page is your start page.
Shepard: Mm.
eric-jon: Which has thumbnails of all your most-visited sites.
Shepard: Oh, neat.
eric-jon: And a sort of a feed of all your most recent bookmarks.
And whatnot.
So basically, it’s an immediate resource.
Shepard: Neat!
eric-jon: And it has this thing for turning web pages into… applications.
Basically, giving them unique windows and putting icons wherever you want them — desktop, quicklaunch bar, start bar…
Shepard: Oh, huh.
eric-jon: The example is gmail.
Shepard: The latest Mac OS has something like that, for turning web pages into widgets.
eric-jon: And… yeah, it’s basically equivalent to opening up a mail client.
This is a very maccy program.
Google has always struck me as Apple Gone Right.
They do what Apple and Nintendo try to do.
And Valve… generally succeeds at doing.
There’s something very weirdly no-bullshit about Chrome.
And it does run really really quickly and cleanly.
It’s like opening up a text file in wordpad.
Shepard: That’s a nice feature.
eric-jon: Oh, I like the highlighting…
Yeah, okay
I guess that fits, but.
The whole idea of Chrome
is to make the web browser work like any other simple application.
And to treat webpages like any other file.
Shepard: That is a nice idea.
eric-jon: This is exactly like using Notepad or MS Paint.
Except it’s dealing with web locations.
Even Firefox, great as it is, has a bit of hullabaloo to it.
Window to the Web!
And Chrome just shrugs, and says, ih. They’re tools.
Something almost Windows 3.11 about this.
Meanwhile I understand that the newest IE is getting even more bloaty-floaty all-encompassing.
Shepard: Ha.
That’s… uh, actually impressive.
eric-jon: Whereas you’d expect Microsoft to try to integrate the Web more organically. That’s the (poorly executed) principle behind explorer.
Chrome really demystifies.
Shepard: The company itself is so bloated, it’s not surprising that’s how things turn out.
eric-jon: That’s I guess the best way to put it.
It demystifies the Web.
Shepard: Good tagline!

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  1. Are you aware of keyword searches for Firefox? They really do sorta eliminate the need for the search box. I’ve got my Firefox pimped out with them, but I find that the search box still has its uses. Firefox 3 added an option (under “Manage Search Engines…” from the search box) to add keywords directly to installed search engines. It used to be a bit more fiddly.

    Nothing beats being able to type “w genghis” and have a moment later the appropriate wikipedia entry in front of my eyes.

    I glanced at the comic, but it wasn’t loading right, and I realized it was 40 pages, and I got the gist in a couple sentences so I decided to skip it.

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