Bee Gears

Drinking tea with honey and the rest of half of a lemon squeezed into it, and another slice of lemon, with the rind sliced away in a hexagonal pattern, leaving just the white tissue around the pulp.

Having stirred the tea, the lemon slice spirals around and around in the center of the mug, the points of the hexagon whizzing around like cogs of a mill wheel.

This is pretty good honey. Forgot I had it. I wonder what kind of honey it is. It smells a bit of plums and lavender.

Author: Azure

It's me!

One thought on “Bee Gears”

  1. The only thing I could think in my head when you wrote this message was “Crucified / after all I died / after all I’ve tried / you are still inside / all I do / I can still feel you” over and over again.

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