Okay; I’ve found the SMS, and have edited the below list to account for this. It’s still broken, but — well. All this leaves, really, now, are the Genesis, Power Base Converter, my two good joysticks, and five Genesis games… I bet I know where the cords are, but it’ll be a major hassle to dig them up if I’m correct in the matter. I might as well see, first, if they’re wherever the other articles have been hidden.

I’ve also gotten rid of ~three months’ worth of Dr Pepper cans and Arizona tea bottles, cleared off a couple of shelves, and put the various consoles’ respective cartridges on easy-access display along with my music and movies — and, of course, books.


Oh — and, not entirely disrelatedly, I’ve located, while rummaging around over the past couple of days, a bunch of rare-ish AD&D 1st Edition books and a first pressing of Greyhawk, etcetera. This, plus my monsterous compendium (from when they still came in binders, a while ago) and a bunch of Ninja Turtle action figures. I’ve pulled out Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo character and sat him next to the Scullies I’ve wandering around my computer — they’re all actually very comparable in scale; it works out pretty darned well.

“Dear Agent Scully — I did not appriciate your lawyer’s tone…” </troy>

Sonic Misadventure

Finally got a working copy of Sonic Adventure, after several exchanges with, and no actual help from, various store employees over the past month (excepting one young lady who, for around fifteen minutes, actually did attempt to break into the display DC to let me test a (ultimately defective) copy. No good; she couldn’t get into the cabinet. And yes, the copy was again defective. Yet all is good now!


After having rummaged around all night, I’ve managed to uncover all of my old console gaming equipment, with the following exceptions (all darkened, italicized, and bracketed items I’ll get to in a moment):

    CONSOLE: sega genesis

    CONSOLE: [Gameboy]

    CONSOLE: [Game Gear]

    JOYSTICK: NES advantage (nes)

    JOYSTICK: sega arcade stick (genesis)

    JOYSTICK: SMS standard gamepad (x2)

    PERIPHERAL: Power Base Converter (genesis)

    PERIPHERAL: NES Game Genie Booklet

    CABLE: sega genesis MIDI->2xRCA output jack

    CABLE: NES AC adapter

    CABLE: sega master system AC adapter

    CABLE: sega genesis AC adapter



    [rush ‘n attack]

    [legend of zelda]


    Alien Storm

    Altered Beast

    Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

    Sonic 3

    Shadow Dancer


    [a boy and his blob 2]


    [gargoyle’s quest]


    [metroid 2]


    [ninja gaiden]

    [teenage mutant ninja turtles]


    [Sonic The Hedgehog 2]

    [World of Illusion]

    [Defenders of Oasis]

There are several items which, over the years, I’ve known to have gone missing and which, so far as I can figure, were either stolen or victims of the same wormhole which I’ve heard to take shape in many peoples’ washing machines. In any event, they’re gone and I know it, and I’m angry and saddened, but there’s not much I can do about it other than, perhaps, someday re-acquiring them. This is the first time, though, actually, I’ve really catalogued the things and taken note of specifically what’s missing.

My copy of Zelda has been gone for a long, long time — heartbreaking, as it’s always been one of my favourites. I can still remember the tingles on my spine and my shortness of breath the first time I heard its opening theme. Everything about the game, from its golden case to its mystery — with all of the known secrets, there could have been anything hidden in there, if one were clever and devoted enough to find it. Very few games (the only other which comes to mind is Phantasy Star II) have moved me in such a way. The battery, of course, would long be dead at this point, but — well, who cares.

Rush ‘N Attack I reluctantly sold at one point — I hate doing things like that, and never have since. I’ve regretted losing it for years. I still count it as missing, and would gladly reclaim it someday.

My junior year of high school, I think I might’ve left my Game Boy in my room during a vacation, and since my roommate was somewhat popular, people were always coming in and out and fooling with things. If I were, in fact, stupid enough to do such a thing, there’s little surprise the thing was taken — along with most of its best games. Dammit. If I had just been alone, or had had, say, Lan as a roommate that year…

As for the rest of the items here, they’re all my mother’s fault. Around a year or two ago, she suddenly, one day, without notifying or asking me, found all of my game equipment (which I hadn’t been heavilly using in a while at that point in my life), threw them into boxes, and hid them somewhere. I’m only glad she didn’t sell them on a whim, which I’d certainly not put past her. Anyhow, I’ve finally managed to dig up everything else. I do have almost all of my NES games and the NES itself, and I have the RCA jacks which it came with, so I can plug it into my TV. The problem is, as listed above, I’ve no AC Adapter. All of my Master System games are accounted-for, thankfully, but the console is missing. Even if it weren’t missing, however, it hasn’t worked since around 1990. Still, it’d be nice to have around. I have the MasterGear on hand, but my Game Gear was, I think, stolen, along with all of its games — this was probably just a few months after my Game Boy, though I can’t figure out exactly how, where, or when it might’ve happened. My Genesis and Power Base Converter are missing as well, so no using that out.

Oy. Perhaps the rest of the Genesis games are wherever the joysticks, consoles, and PBC presumeably are.

As it is, I guess I’m lucky to have found what I did — even though it took all night. Over the past few days, I’ve recovered my passion for console games entirely. I don’t remember the last time I actually cared about something to the extent that I pored over it all day until I couldn’t stay awake anymore, fell asleep thinking about the subject, and woke up again ready to go back and fiddle with it some more… It’s been a few years, I know.

I’ve always loved video games — they were just about literally my only friends for about eight years of my life. I feel somewhat cheated that I didn’t really have the chance to experience the pre-bust (<1984) systems — 2600, colecovision, intellivision, etcetera. And I keep hitting myself for entirely missing the PSX/Saturn generation. Those years flew by me without my even noticing them… yoy.

As it is, the NES is acting as a large coaster/platform for my lovely little Dreamcast, to keep it off the dust of my floor. The Nintendo unit is certainly flat and unimaginative enough in its design that such a task as this suits it well. The DC is small enough that it has ample room up there, and the NES isn’t, as mentioned, doing me much else good at the moment.

mrm. scrambling around the house, lifting heavy boxes, and breathing dust all night has kind of tired me out… Supposedly have a paper due tomorrow, but I’m not going to do it. Probably going to skip java again, as well. I’m not really here this semester — I’ve already said that a hundred times. I didn’t want to be here four years ago, but I was forced into it. Every year since, it’s only gotten worse. And it looks like my father’s not going to be any help, once again, in my attempts to leave after this semester.

As long as I’ve got my video games, I guess…

who needs hope. who needs ambition. a new phantasy star game is coming… at least that’s certain.

I can survive…