That was the best episode of X which has ever aired, no exceptions made. Third episode of season six — the real-time, letterboxed Bermuda triangle episode with the peculiar phrase in place of “trust no one.”

“Scully… I love you.”

There were no flaws. One of the best storylines. Great gimmick, and executed perfectly. Exactly the right characters used, and in exactly the right way. The “real space” which the characters occupy, and how they interplay in real-time, was terrific to see. The most imaginative episode ever shot. This is the episode to show people who’ve never seen the show before. This and “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space,” if that’s indeed the title. . .and “Night,” assuming that’s the first-season tree mite episode which came the week after the werewolf one. Those two, I think, remain my other favorites, but this one tops the cake. I have no clue how they could top it.