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GDC: The Top Ten Peter Molyneux Quotes

by Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh

Although the concept got an enthusiastic approval, the officially published article was toned down a bit. Fair enough. But there’s no holding back Peter Molyneux. So here this is.

On Friday, the syrupy and gracious Mr. Molyneux held a session to show off his half-complete mega-opus, Fable 2. There are, however, a few problems in covering the session, in that a valiant effort in spin control has stifled what Molyneux can actually discuss. Most of what he was left to reveal, therefore, had already been revealed at an earlier keynote. The rest of the material was generally familiar from a much smaller press gathering a year ago, at which Molyneux personally served cookies to all interested parties. Which was… mostly this writer.

Nevertheless, in lieu of actual information, one can always rely on Molyneux himself as a topic of interest. Let us, then, revisit the session and stroke our chins to the form, if not the content, of Molyneux’s message. Since most of these quotes are more fun out-of-context, the explanations have all been spoiler-tagged. Highlight to reveal. Continue reading “GDC: The Top Ten Peter Molyneux Quotes”


aderack: OH MY GOD.
Thom: erm?
aderack: I was just saying to a couple of people (Shep, David Hellman) that it would be cool if you could save your “Mii” avatars in your controller, for transporting to other systems and playing with friends — making them and the remote really extensions of yourself.
Thom: and they’re going to do it?
aderack: I was saying I didn’t even expect them to be transportable because, you know, Nintendo. Always screwing up the little nice things.
aderack: And. Yeah.
aderack: You can do it.
Thom: that’s really really smart
Thom: that’s freaking awesome
aderack: So wherever you bring it, you have your own avatar.
aderack: To use in things like Wii Sports.
aderack: Oh my GOD.
aderack: That is just… amazing.
aderack: It’s genius.
aderack: And it’s so obvious.
Thom: if they could rig that up for save games, that would be really fun as well
aderack: And even so, they DID IT.
aderack: It’s not implausible.


eric-jon: Soo.
About this “Mii” business.
JohnO: mii?
eric-jon: You create an avatar for yourself, using sort of a cross between the PSO character creation utility and the character designs from those big-head baseball games.
And you use it in games like Wii Sports.
Rather than generic protagonist X, you play as yourself.
Or your representation of yourself.
Turns out you can download that to your wiimote, so you can take your avatar with you.
On your own controller.
Which you bring to your friends’ houses.
Then use to play alongside them, with your own character.
That’s plenty mindblowingly awesome.
JohnO: it is!
it’s um…dreamcast!
eric-jon: Now that you mention it.
That’s exactly what Sega was getting at, though never quite accomplished.
Oh Jesus was that system ever ahead of its time.
Or rather, oh Jesus is everyone else behind.
JohnO: yeah more the second