Dots Forever

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Chaos dominos. That sounds like a fun game. I wonder how it might work.

“this game will take you to its house and let you bang its sister”

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eric-jon: Yes, that sounds like Gears of War.
Also maybe God of War.
Not so sure about Glory of War or Granola of War.
Andrew: granules of war
eric-jon: Gramophone of War
Andrew: gargles of war
eric-jon: Gomorrah of War (say it out loud for extra entertainment!)
Andrew: gonnorhea of war
eric-jon: Glaucoma of War
That would be sort of like a fog of war, except blearier.
Andrew: glare of war
eric-jon: Glamour of War
Andrew: glamrock of war
eric-jon: Goliath of War
Gucci of War
Andrew: gonads of war
eric-jon: Grab-Bag of War
Andrew: godfrey of war
gilbert godfrey of war
eric-jon: Grits of War
Gristle of War
Andrew: grog of war
greens of war
grumbles of war
goats of war
eric-jon: Grease of War
Gall of War
Gaul of War
Andrew: girls of war
guns of war?
eric-jon: Garment of War
Andrew: glib of war
eric-jon: Grouch of War
Andrew: gooch of war
gust of war
eric-jon: Grass of War
Andrew: gang of war
glass of war
eric-jon: Glomp of War
Andrew: ugh
that makes me wanna run for cover
eric-jon: Ha!
Goons of War
Andrew: goods of war
gimps of war
eric-jon: Goop of War
Grandstand of War
Andrew: ganja of war
guitars of war
eric-jon: Gibbons of War
Gams of War
Andrew: globs of war
eric-jon: Gestalt of War
Andrew: there it is
eric-jon: Gestalt of War?
Yes, that does bridge several possibilities.
I was going to say, Grandiloquence of War?
Andrew: hmmm
eric-jon: I want a game called RAW WAR.
The protagonist would be named Racecar.
Andrew: I like where this is going
eric-jon: Unfortunately, the levels would be structured like Halo.
Andrew: synecdoche, new earth

Small Pox Blanket

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eric-jon: I want to see an over-the-top Oregon Trail movie.
With extended sequences where the man of the wagon goes out and kills 900,000 pounts of meat,
then carries fifty back to the wagon.
And suddenly his infant son dies of syphillis.
eric-jon: But he moves on.

The Great Dictator

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aderack: Someone should make a game where you’re a guard in a prison camp, just for the ethical questions. One that makes it really hard to do anything “good”, though not impossible.
aderack: Would be a good way for Rockstar North to break away from GTA.
aderack: Maybe get a little more serious.
Thom: yeah, that would have potential
Thom: maybe a reversal of The Great Escape
Thom: play as a Nazi guard at a POW camp
Thom: allow companies to use their WW2 game chops to make something interesting
aderack: By doing your job you’ll get promoted. By not doing your job you put your life in jeopardy. If you’re really clever you can seem to do your job while really helping the POWs — though what reward can that give you outside of your own satisfaction that you’re doing the best you can?
Thom: yup
aderack: Everything funnels you into helping you do your job, really. Not that hard, all things considered.
Thom: right, the player has to work harder to buck the system than to go along with it