It begins?

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Hmm. I don’t wish to sound paranoid, but this review is uncommonly long, complete, and insightful. And for the most part, its points sound vaguely familiar. And it’s on Gamespy.

Have I mentioned this? Scan down to “Today’s Reviews” for the nineteenth.


Coincidence? Maybe! He managed to say most of what I said, more eloquently, in fewer words. And it’s good that these ideas are being spread — as his is the only other review I’ve seen which seems to hit on nearly any of the things I’ve noticed.

Nice to think that I might be so inspiring, at any rate.

Phantasy Star Collection (GBA/THQ)

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by Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh

Phantasy Star II, on a Game Boy. How surreal.

Here we’ve got one of the most important videogames of all time, prohibitively expensive at release for the then-new Sega Genesis. Now the game rests on a 1-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ silicon wafer, shouldered by both its predecessor and its successor. Together, the three games now go for less than thirty dollars, and are accessible anywhere you can tote your Hello-Kitty-pink Gameboy Advance.

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Panties are fuel for the mind.

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So my second review is up. I like this one a hell of a lot more than what I did last time. I think I’m getting the hang of this, now. And just in time, as Phantasy Star Collection is about to arrive.

It seems I have referenced fully twenty other games in this, aside from the game ostensibly under discussion. The next time around, let’s try for forty. See how exclusive we can make our little club.

Now I’ve got a GDD to return to. I’ve not done much work on the game this week; been otherwise occupied.

Have I mentioned my new pajama pants? No, I haven’t. So here are the vital specs. Get Ready (and welcome to the fantasy zone)!

  • made of polar fleece
  • amazingly fuzzy
  • really — they’re fuzzy
  • hot DAMN are they ever fuzzy
  • a simple blue-and-green plaid; almost looks like a lowlander variety rather than a fancy highland tartan
  • they fit well
  • an easily-tied — and fuzzy — drawstring
  • I have no inclination to ever remove them for the rest of my life if I can avoid it

So. Pants. Pajama ones, no less.

Metroid Fusion (GBA/Nintendo)

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by Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh

So, a new Metroid then. How is it this game took eight years to make? You’d almost think it was designed by Nintendo.

Though I have digested only a sample of the system’s bountiful and no doubt noble bounty, I feel it safe to conclude that Metroid Fusion is so far the best game to be set loose on the Game Boy Advance.

Which is not to suggest the game is flawless. Because, well. The game is flawed.

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Diction of Dissonance

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I haven’t been around much (in the sense that I have, but just haven’t been communicative), but to make up for that I’ve actually sort of been doing things! Kind of! Maybe! I guess!

Beyond the things which are actually interesting: this will all look pretty familiar to nearly anyone reading me today, but that article of mine is up on Insert Credit. It was supposed to be a review, except that it took so long to scrunge together that it has transformed into a “feature”.

Me? I don’t like it. Cluttered, disjointed. The review, that is. Next time I’ll be working with fresh ideas, so it should go a bit more smoothly. And Brandon says the response has been good, whatever that means, so there’s room for even more out of whence this particular article didn’t come!

Also not sure why he linked the site, twice.

So. Um. E3? pyramid108Tim made sure that it’s clear that he’s going. Am I going? I have the option, right in front of me. I won’t have to pay for a hotel, in theory. I just have to figure out how to get there.

Why haven’t I gotten my macaroni and cheese, yet? Tell me. I must know.


Is it just me or does Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich rock the socks off the… uh, guards of Fort Knox? It’s all in the timing.

Harmony of Dissonance

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by Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh

Harmony of Dissonance is director Koji Igarashi’s attempt to rescue the Castlevania series by wresting control back from the supervision of Konami’s Kobe studios. Whereas KCEK’s Circle of the Moon was set pretty much outside established continuity, this new game is Castlevania in function as well as in form. Though maybe no better or worse a videogame its own right, Harmony is in nearly every respect a vastly superior Castlevania.

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Pineapples are deadly.

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Guh. I think I finally got that Castlevania review written.

Think they‘d still be interested, pyramid108Tim? It’s not quite the scoop it might’ve been, say, a month ago. But it’s still not too moldy, I don’t think.

Through over twelve hours’ worth of sleep, I think I pretty much stabbed that cold in the eye before it got a good hold on me. And now I have orange juice — so I am, therefore, invincible.

Hey, NCS has selected MVS games within the $20-80 range. If I were just a little more irresponsible…

Wogga. Okay, now I just have to worry about physics. I think everything else of the time-critical persuasion is behind me.