Formal education, within the system we’ve built, isn’t about enlightenment. It’s about initiation. All that Greek stuff on-campus in higher education is the social dimension of the enforced Pledge of Allegiance at lower levels. The structure is part of a mechanism to pass the rites of supremacy to a level of society. That’s why our schools and universities are so ineffective at doing what they claim to. Knowledge, wisdom—that’s not the point. The institution serves not to enrich and equalize but to select, prepare, and preserve the social order—all while pronouncing its innate virtues to the spirit of Man. No, in our world education is an arm of the system, built to enshrine a Way and a doctrine of the powerful and unique. A military of the mind, as it were.

We could have a system that does what ours pretends to. But we don’t and we won’t, because then our caste-based society of heredity and capital would crumble. So instead we make our gestures and code our language, and make it look like we’re serving a social good.