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So after an age, I finally repaired my WordPress backend and a few other bugs in the system. Those links to the right, for instance — they’re supposed to be in reverse chronological order, such that the most recent links are to the top. For over a year it has, instead, been randomized. That was a workaround that I figured would do until I worked out the actual problem.

On the backend none of the Javascript seemed to work properly. I couldn’t get a word count for an entry. The tag cloud was broken, as was every pulldown menu. It was hell to edit an old entry from the “All Posts” menu.

All this time I had assumed that the bugs were related to some malicious activity last summer. I was puzzled that the problems remained, as I knew I had cleared out all of the problem code. Turns out… no. At some point, and I don’t remember doing this, I must have added a line of code related to Google Translate. Somehow its JQuery request interfered with the WordPress hierarchy, and they canceled each other out.

So just now I removed that line, and… it works. Everything is perfect again.

That’s a bit of a weight off. It’s sort of depressing to watch something that you’ve worked hard on fall into disrepair and to have no recourse to fix it.

Mind you, the site is ready for a rewrite anyway. One of these days when life isn’t too complicated, I may do just that.


One of my lingering WordPress problems deals with UI elements labeled with the “hide-if-no-js” category. Presumably the idea is that if the page fails to load the required javascript code then it will just ignore the element rather than hanging and refusing to do anything else that the page needs to do.

Presumably the reason that I can’t view or easily add tags to my posts, and that I can’t easily change a post’s visibility or publishing date, and that I can’t easily upload and insert an image, is that the page is not locating the required javascript — or the javascript in question is somehow faulty.

So I’ve got a great half-explanation on my hands that goes nowhere to actually solve my problem. What I guess I need to do is figure out what code my post-new.php page is looking for, ascertain whether the code is in fact where it’s supposed to be, and either find and replace it or not, and fix it if so.

This may be a perfectly simple exercise, but from here it feels daunting.

UPDATE: I’ve gone through and systematically re-uploaded all of the standard WordPress files except for those in the root directory, so that would seem to narrow things down. I’ve now just got 22 possible culprits to weed through.

UPDATE 2: Okay, I dunno. I’ve gone through and visually compared all of the remaining files, and combed through the unique files for code that doesn’t belong, and I’m turning up nothing. So I’ve no clue why I still have this problem with POST.PHP (and, to a lesser extent, with POST-NEW.PHP).

Update 3: It’s not a browser issue, either. I knew it wasn’t, because the pages used to work just fine in Chrome. I hit the same problems in Opera as well, so there’s something on the server side that just isn’t working.

Fresh pubs, stale drafts

Quick note — having sorted through the old posts, I am now slowly trickling in the publications. Until I say otherwise, don’t take any of the collections as definitive. Still, you will find new or renewed access to some old and moldies.

One of these days I mean to rewrite most of my early Insert Credit material. It shouldn’t take long once I get into it. I’ve larger priorities, though. For now we’ll suffice with enhanced teaser text.

In mind of the season, let’s see who spots the easter eggs in a recent entry. It’s a taste and an experiment; I’ll figure out a more elegant approach later.

Crystallizing the Canon

I’m getting there. I’ve made my one pass on the posts; over half of them are now private, and everything is at least remedially tagged and sorted. I’m about five-eighths of the way through a quick second pass, making sure things are formatted okay, adding any missing tags, and hiding or making public misfiled entries. I should finish that up in the next day or two, depending on my free time.

And then we come to the professional publications. Good thing I have been keeping fairly good records of my own! With the aid of this site, though, I will have a reference guide always at my fingertips. And then perhaps, eventually, a cross-reference guide. For once I’ve uploaded and updated all my work, we will notice many running themes and recurring elements. Having crystallized my official canon, as it were, we can begin to weave the web even tighter. You know, the way we used to do at Insert Credit.

And once all of that is updated, who knows! I have untold reams of material, both written and otherwise, to put up and integrate. I can begin to update more constantly, and have a basis on which to hook any new thoughts. I’ve many more interests; I can move on to related sites, and link them back in here. The limits are only my energy and enthusiasm.

And now that I’m getting to know what I’m doing with backend coding, any future developments should be a bit more ambitious. The overall concept of this site is now four years old; it just took this long for me to get my wits together and code it properly. It’s a nice design, and I’m proud of it, and I’m proud for finishing what I started. It’s just, hey, this is 2010. Let’s get interesting.

Bit by bit. Within another two weeks, I think everything old will be settled. Again, depending on what else life delivers.

So, jump to the left. As I’m writing this, it is now quarter after one in the afternoon, New York time. That’s five hours earlier than GMT, which makes it quarter after six in the UK. In forty-five minutes, the new era of Doctor Who begins. Who’s paying attention, eh? I’ve rambled about it before, and I’ve a good excuse to do it again. This is pretty much what I’ve been waiting for since the show returned in 2005. It is going to be great, I know it.

And then, in two weeks, the new Doctor, companion, and showrunner — Smith, Gillan, and Moffat — will be in New York, for a free theatrical screening and Q&A session. You can bet your bootstraps the lady and I shall camp outside the theater, as early as possible. It’s a first for me, this behavior. Perhaps I’m finally hitting nerd boot camp. I do feel like I’m making up for ten years of lost time, lately.

Soon I may institute a feature on this site; I’ve been tagging particularly memorable entries, and setting them aside. I may set up a highlight post of the day — allowing an insight into the more curious depths of the archive. The posts will be of all manner of subjects, from game design to philosophy to film analysis to musings on the aesthetics of doorknobs. The odd dream or misadventure may also get its air. The idea is to start pointing arrows in all directions: see how this connects with this, and that connects with that. It’s all about connections, here. And in the end that’s how I’d like to shape the site. Make it one big, squishy neural net, ripe for the plucking.

I’ve some other business to attend to, so you will forgive my cutting this entry short. Keep in mind the comments feature is actually functional. It would be great to get some conversation going. And now that it’s on my brain, as one final note, if anyone’s in need of a bit of light design or coding — HTML, CSS, PHP; a bit of Photoshop or what-have-you — do get in touch. I’m branching out, here. Or, rather, picking up some long-forgotten threads, and twining them back together.

This place is going to become pretty neat, pretty soon. Keep on comin’ back, will ya.